Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Long Island Sound -Barrie Gellis

My office for today is a pile of large rocks lining the coast of the Long Island Sound--water lapping--an endless dog in search of an answer. Sailboats crawl on the blue skin. Motorboats chew the white pain. The world is a symphony of sound and color interrogating space. The Throgs Neck Bridge shivers across the nervous water. Trucks and cars moan flannel eyes wheeling towards their destination.

The rocks are families frozen in time, awed by what’s unrolling before their mica glare. My liquid flesh presses against earth’s muscle trying to understand the orchestration. I see broken bottles and devastated car parts battered years ago left baking, contemplating…

Clawing thru crevices, the tide eagerly leaps closer to me. The canine deep feeds on stones--yet I am the answer it seeks.


Barrie Gellis is a published poet who has written more than 4000 poems. His poetry book is titled Outside Is a Secret Key. The Long Island Sound is an example of Barrie turning a poem into prose, or creating a ‘found prose.’

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